Have you ever traveled to Brittany, a pretty region in the west of France? For an unforgettable holiday, discover the most beautiful sites to visit in southern Brittany: Morbihan, Finistère, Côtes d’Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine. Each part of the region offers tourist sites and activities to do with family, friends or lovers! What if you are looking for comfortable accommodation in Brittany? Count on the Jardins du Morbihan, campsite near Vannes.

Morbihan – discover this department of Brittany, the Gulf of Morbihan and each island

TheGulf of Morbihan, located in Brittany, is a true natural wonder which enchants visitors with the picturesque beauty of each island that makes it up and is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in Brittany. Famous for its islands and pristine beaches, this region offers an array of unique experiences. The Gulf Islands, such as Île aux Moines, Île de Groix, Île Berder and the isle of Arz, are true unspoiled gems, where unspoiled landscapes and tranquility reign supreme. The beaches, for their part, offer kilometers of fine sand and crystal clear waters, inviting sea lovers to relax and engage in water activities. Whether you want to indulge in sailing, scuba diving or simply relax in the sun, the Gulf of Morbihan is a coastal paradise that will meet all your expectations. The Morbihan department also offers dynamic tourist towns such as Vannes or Lorient.

Finistère – enjoy a holiday rich in history in southern Brittany with unmissable visits

Finistère, located in Brittany, is a department steeped in history and character, which offers exceptional cultural and natural wealth. Its emblematic towns, such as Quimper, Brest and Concarneau, captivate visitors with their medieval architecture, charming cobbled streets and preserved Breton traditions. But the real treasure of Finistère lies in its magnificent beaches, which make it one of the most beautiful sites to visit in southern Brittany. Stretches of golden sand stretch along the coast, providing breathtaking scenery and ideal conditions for seaside activities. Whether you choose the tranquility of the beaches of the Crozon Peninsula, the waves ideal for surfing at the Pointe de la Torche, or the picturesque coves of the Côte des Légendes , Finistère is full of natural treasures to discover. Nature lovers will be delighted by the wild beauty of rugged cliffs, sand dunes and breathtaking coastal panoramas. Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure or an immersion in Breton culture, Finistère is an unmissable destination that will not fail to seduce you.

Côtes d’Armor – experience a holiday between history and beach in a unique town in the west of France

The Côtes d’Armor are a true coastal treasure offering a perfect combination of history, nature and maritime beauty, being one of themost beautiful sites to visit in southern Brittany. The towns emblematic of this region, such as Dinan and Paimpol, are imbued with a charming medieval atmosphere. The cobbled streets of Dinan reveal picturesque half-timbered houses. Paimpol, on the other hand, is a bustling fishing port where you can enjoy delicious fresh seafood. But it is the beaches of Côtes d’Armor that particularly attract visitors. Stretches of fine sand stretch out along the coast, inviting relaxation enthusiasts and water sports enthusiasts to enjoy the sea. From family beaches of soft sand, such as those of Pléneuf-Val-André, to isolated coves and wild areas of the Côte de Granit Rose, there is something for everyone during your family vacation in Brittany. Whether you’re looking to relax in the sun, indulge in windsurfing or explore the spectacular rock formations, the Côtes d’Armor offers a wealth of unforgettable seaside experiences.

Ille-et-Vilaine – from Rennes to Saint-Malo, treat yourself to a visit to one of the most beautiful corners of France

Ille-et-Vilaine is a multifaceted department of Brittany that seduces visitors with its historical heritage, its emblematic towns and its picturesque beaches. Thanks to its assets, it is one of themost beautiful sites to visit in southern Brittany

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