Sports, Leisure and Discovery

Are you on holiday at Les Jardins du Morbihan? Discover the Gulf of Morbihan and the islands:

  • Les Croisières Navix – Vannes
    Boat trip on the Gulf of Morbihan
  • Sea kayaking and paddleboarding
    Explore the Gulf by the strength of your arms, sail through the islands, take a rest on the beach, hop from one stop to the next, and take in the wealth of Brittany
  • Kingoland Amusement Park
    Themes: pirates, space and cars
  • Les Ecuries de Lavalut:
    Equestrian centre and pony club for ages 3 and up
  • Rochefort-en-Terre
    France’s favourite village in 2016
  • The Aero Club of Vannes – Monterblanc
    Discovery flights, tour of the Gulf
  • The Largoet Fortress – Elven
    The highest dungeon in France
  • Aéro Tandem Celtic – Vannes
    Tandem skydiving
  • The Vannes Parachute School
    Adrenaline and thrills guaranteed
  • Bluegreen Golf
Discover the most beautiful hikes to do in Morbihan!

The City of Vannes

Discover Vannes, the medieval capital… Tread the cobblestones of a city full of history.

5 things to see / do:

  • The ramparts
  • La Cohue, which houses the Vannes Museum of Fine Arts
  • St. Peter’s Cathedral
  • Timber-framed houses
  • The Vannes market is held outdoors every Wednesday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the pretty Place des Lices

The Gulf of Morbihan and its islands

  • The Gulf of Morbihan
    One of the most beautiful bays in the world
  • The island of monks and the island of Arz
    The two largest islands in the Gulf of Morbihan
  • Quiberon and the Wild Coast
    Its wild coast extends over 8 km!
  • Beautiful island in the sea
    The largest of the Breton islands
Belle île en mer
What to visit and do around the Jardins du Morbihan campsite?