From a visit to Vannes to a cruise on the Gulf of Morbihan, discover Brittany and its wonders

Are you going for a family weekend in Brittany? In order to have an unforgettable stay, discover the towns, islands and activities to do in this pretty region of western France. Les Jardins du Morbihan, a 4-star campsite near Vannes, reveals what to do in Morbihan.

The towns of Morbihan to discover

The first step if you come to the Morbihan department is to explore each town that Brittany has to offer – Vannes, Carnac, Lorient, Auray and even Baden. Each city reveals its historic center and its activities.

  • Visit Vannes: the city of Vannes offers you a certain number of monuments to visit, including its ramparts, its gardens, its museum, its Saint-Pierre cathedral and the Saint-Vincent gate. Likewise, you can relax on its central beach or have a drink on the port.
  • Carnac: a town rich in history, Carnac is home to 6,000-year-old menhirs, dolmens, the Saint-Cornély church, chapels, the Saint-Colomban village and the prehistory museum.
  • Lorient: the pretty town of Lorient is full of free or paid activities to do with the family such as visiting the former Keroman submarine base or even strolling through the citadel of Port-Louis and discovering its two museums (the Maritime Museum and the Indian Museum).
  • Auray: in addition to these local markets, its parks and squares, the town of Auray reveals its many historical monuments such as the Saint-Esprit chapel, the Kerdrain manor, the Saint-Gildas church, the small theater or still the town hall. Strolling through the streets will also allow you to admire the colorful half-timbered houses.

What to do in the Gulf of Morbihan?

What is a successful stay in Brittany? It’s about taking the time. Take the time to discover gastronomy and visit the monuments, towns and islands of this beautiful region of France. For a family weekend full of emotions, the gardens of Morbihan reveal what to do in the Gulf of Morbihan. Would you like a quick visit to Île-aux-Moines or Île d’Arz?


Île-aux-Moines, the largest island in the Gulf of Morbihan, is an ideal destination for an afternoon with the family. Accessible from Port-Blanc in Baden, this island offers green and flowery landscapes. The island is also home to many secrets: welcoming beaches, megaliths, an enclosure and dolmens.

Island of Arz

Not far from Île-aux-Moines, the island of Arz is accessible from Vannes and offers splendid wild fauna and flora. Many beaches welcome tourists on weekends to enjoy a swim with friends or family. If you are wondering what to do in the Gulf of Morbihan, it is time to conquer this island and its two emblematic tourist sites – the Berno tide mill and the “Sailors and Captains” museum in the city center .

Berder Island

Small island in the Gulf of Morbihan, Berder Island is accessible from Larmor-Baden. However, only part of the island is accessible to visitors, the rest being private. It still offers pleasant walks under the Brittany sun. These trails reveal a breathtaking view of the Gulf and a chapel closes this route.

Ilur Island

This island belongs to the Conservatoire du Littoral and is attached to the municipal territory of the island of Arz. It is entirely covered with meadows and this flora gives it a wild appearance for an original holiday in Brittany. If you are wondering “what to do in the Gulf of Morbihan?”, you have found the ideal visit!

Tascon Island

Among the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan, Tascon Island is the third largest island. Connected to Saint-Armel, during your visit you will find agricultural land inhabited by cows. Pay close attention to the tide before you go there and to be able to enjoy this island as much as possible!

Gavrinis, a megalithic island

Gavrinis is defined by its megalithic site, dating back more than 6000 years. Discover a funerary moment dating from the Neolithic period with a guide and admire the splendor of its constructions. This historic site will amaze the whole family during a visit to Brittany!

The peninsulas in Morbihan

Are you looking for other ideas for places to visit in Brittany for family outings with your children? The Gardens of Morbihan once again help you know what to do in Morbihan by revealing the peninsulas not to be missed:

  • Locmariaquer peninsula: fine sandy beaches, fishing port, summer market and historical heritage await you for this visit.
  • Rhuys peninsula: in addition to the beauty of the site, enjoy a visit to its monuments (the castles of Suscinio, the Butte César, the Cairn du Petit Mont, etc.).
  • Quiberon peninsula: wild coast with breathtaking views, the Quiberon peninsula offers 14 kilometers of breathtaking landscapes and beaches where you can relax!

Family outing in Morbihan

For this trip to the heart of Brittany, the gardens of Morbihan will reveal which towns and islands to visit. But what activities to do in this region of western France? We reveal to you what to do in Morbihan!

Beaches: family outing in Morbihan simple and effective, the beach is a sure bet. Brittany is full of large beaches of fine sand and azure water for pleasant swimming.
Cruise in the Gulf of Morbihan: for those who have their sea legs and want to share it with children, the cruise is an ideal outing! Boat trip, discovery of sumptuous landscapes and unique viewpoint, what a privilege!
Hiking: a slightly simpler idea but which can also please the whole family, Brittany offers many hiking trails to choose from depending on your level of expertise in the subject!
Local products and tasting: the last idea for your family outing in Morbihan is simply to have a culinary day during which you will taste all the specialties that tempt you. Gourmand !

If to carry out all these outings and leisure activities, you are looking for a base in Brittany, the Jardins du Morbihan welcome you! Indeed, in addition to being your guide and revealing what to do in Morbihan, our 4-star campsite near Vannes offers a varied range of accommodation: lodge tent, mobile home or pitch!

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