The most beautiful places of interest in the city to visit during your vacation in Brittany

Are you spending your holidays in Morbihan, a pretty department located in Brittany? So it’s time to discover all the wonders that the city of Vannes has to offer. Les Jardins du Morbihan, your 4-star campsite, serves as your guide and reveals each place of interest to discover when you come to visit Vannes: ramparts, castle, cathedral, garden, houses and even museums are waiting for you! Ready to visit this pretty town in the west of France?

The ramparts of Vannes

A must-see historical monument when you want to visit Vannes as it should be: the ramparts. The ramparts of Vannes are among the last remaining fortifications in Brittany and constitute the basis of Vannes’ tourist heritage. These fortifications were built by the Romans in the 3rd century on the hill of Mené and were intended to protect the ancient city Darioritum. Although the buildings have undergone numerous works over the centuries, it was in the 14th century that two new doors were added. By visiting Vannes and its ramparts, you will discover the Château de l’Hermine, the Lagorce hotel and the Connétable tower. Historical festivals and festivals also take place at the foot of the ramparts.

The rampart gardens

For a pleasant walk when you come to visit Vannes, the gardens of the ramparts are an original place of interest which is a change from a simple park. A green space of almost 3 hectares, the garden offers a panoramic view of the roofs of the city but especially of the medieval ramparts. In this garden, you will not only be able to enjoy an incredible view, a soothing stroll but also a moment rich in history thanks to the information panels located throughout the square.

Saint-Pierre Cathedral

Another place of interest to see during your stay to visit Vannes: Saint-Pierre Cathedral. This cathedral, built on the remains of an ancient Romanesque cathedral, offers you an illustration of the Gothic style. Few people know it, but this cathedral is actually a basilica, thanks to the presence of the relics of Saint-Vincent Ferrier since the 15th century. You can visit it freely every day from morning to evening to experience a historic moment in this town in Brittany.

The crowd

In the Middle Ages, La Cohue was a market which exuded life, welcoming all types of traders (bakers, butchers, etc.). This hall was enlarged several times over the centuries, also changing its role (court, theater, etc.) and today houses the Vannes Museum of Fine Arts. In this museum, you can admire contemporary works (permanent collections or current exhibitions).

Half-timbered houses

Half-timbered houses are also called half-timbered houses. These pretty houses are today an essential element of the most beautiful postcards to send when you come to visit Vannes. The city today has 170 half-timbered houses located mainly in the city center around Saint-Pierre Cathedral. You will be able to immortalize in photos their superb architecture and their magnificent colors.

The Saint-Vincent gate

During your visit to Morbihan, the town of Vannes will offer you these historical monuments, including the Saint-Vincent gate. This gate is constructed of granite stone and served as a replacement for a previous gate. During your visit to Brittany to visit Vannes, you will be able to take pretty photos of this Saint-Vincent gate.

Vannes and his wife

Have you ever visited Vannes? And if so, have you met Vannes and his wife? For those who are confused, Vannes and his wife are in fact two busts representing a couple in the flesh, painted in granite and hung above a shop in the town. Let yourself be welcomed by this warm couple during your visit to the historic center.

Have you completed all the visits recommended by your guide – Château de l’Hermine, ramparts, garden of the ramparts, Saint-Pierre cathedral or even the Porte Saint-Vincent? There are still many places of interest to visit in Vannes and its surroundings: the city center, its activities (bars, restaurants, etc.), Place de la République and Place des Lices, Vannes beach, Vannes port or destinations around the city. Among the places not to be missed, discover the Quiberon peninsula, Île-aux-Moines, the île de Groix or even the île d’Arz in the Gulf of Morbihan! What if you need a place to sleep in Vannes? The Morbihan gardens welcome you to its campsite with water park! On the program, numerous accommodations to ensure a peaceful visit to the city and the Gulf of Morbihan: mobile home, lodge tent or pitch.

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