Are you coming to visit southern Brittany? This beautiful region in the west of France is home to a thousand and one wonders to visit. Well known for the Gulf of Morbihan and its Quiberon peninsula, many towns are unmissable during your stay in Brittany. From Saint-Malo in Ille-et-Vilaine to Carnac in Morbihan, discover the itinerary that the Jardins du Morbihan have put together for you!

Saint-Malo – Ille-et-Vilaine

Saint-Malo, located in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany, is a corsair city steeped in history and charm. The city is surrounded by powerful walls, offering spectacular views of the ocean and neighboring islands. The old intramural town is full of cobbled streets, half-timbered houses and craft shops, creating a unique medieval atmosphere not to be missed when you come to visit southern Brittany. Among the emblematic monuments of Saint-Malo, we find the Saint-Vincent Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece, as well as the Solidor Tower, a medieval fortress located at the mouth of the Rance. Maritime history lovers can visit the City History Museum and discover the fascinating history of the Saint-Malo corsairs. The beaches of Saint-Malo, like the Sillon beach, also factor in tourism, offering walks along magnificent landscapes. The island of Grand Bé, accessible at low tide, is another place not to be missed, with the tomb of the French writer Chateaubriand. Finally, seafood lovers will be delighted to taste local specialties in the city’s many seafood restaurants during a stay in the west of France. Saint-Malo is an ideal travel destination for lovers of history, coastal landscapes and authentic marine flavors.

Rennes – Ille-et-Vilaine

Rennes, capital of the Brittany region, is a city rich in monuments and tourist attractions to discover when you come to visit southern Brittany. The historic heart of Rennes is dominated by the majestic Parliament of Brittany, a 17th century building which bears witness to the remarkable architecture of the period. Not far away is Saint-Pierre Cathedral, a magnificent Gothic building which houses superb stained glass windows. History lovers can visit the Musée de Bretagne, which traces the history of the region through varied exhibitions, ideal for an enriching day visit. Strolling through the cobbled streets of Old Rennes, you will discover charming half-timbered houses, lively squares and picturesque shops. The Thabor Park, with its French gardens, exotic greenhouses and ponds, offers a haven of peace. In the west of France, Rennes is also renowned for its vibrant cultural life, with festivals, concerts and artistic events throughout the year. Rennes is a city full of charm and history, offering a perfect combination of heritage, nature and lively urban life.

Brest – Finistère

Brest, located in Finistère in Brittany, is a city which benefits from an impressive historical and cultural heritage that is essential when you want to visit southern Brittany during a road trip. At the heart of the city stands the majestic Château de Brest, a fortress which offers stunning views of the harbor and is home to the National Maritime Museum, where visitors can explore the maritime history of the region. Not far from there, the Pont de Recouvrance, an impressive lift bridge, is another iconic symbol of the city. History buffs can also visit the Tour Tanguy, an old medieval keep which houses a museum tracing the history of Brest. For nature lovers, the Plougastel-Daoulas peninsula offers magnificent landscapes with its rocky coasts and picturesque beaches. Finally, the Garden of the National Botanical Conservatory of Brest is a true treasure of biodiversity where you can discover an impressive variety of plants and flowers. Brest is an essential holiday destination for travelers in search of culture, history and preserved nature.

Quimper – Finistère

Quimper, a picturesque town in Finistère, offers visitors a day rich in history and activities for all ages. The heart of the city of Quimper is dominated by the majestic Saint-Corentin Cathedral, a 13th-century Gothic masterpiece that impresses with its elegant architecture and magnificent stained glass windows. Nearby, the Quimper Museum of Fine Arts houses a superb collection of works of art ranging from the Middle Ages to contemporary times. History buffs can also explore the Locmaria district, with its old earthenware factory and its 11th century Romanesque church. Strolling through the picturesque streets of Quimper, you will also discover charming half-timbered houses and local craft shops. The Retreat Gardens, located near the cathedral, offer a haven of tranquility where one can stroll and enjoy the beauty of nature. Quimper is also renowned for its gastronomy, with many restaurants offering regional specialties such as crepes and Breton cider that are a must-try when you come to visit southern Brittany during a road trip in France.

Concarneau – Finistère

Concarneau, a coastal town in Finistère in Brittany, is a popular destination for its historical monuments and attractions to do with friends, family or lovers. The jewel of Concarneau is undoubtedly the Ville Close, a 14th-century fortified citadel which stands on an island and is surrounded by imposing ramparts. Inside this medieval fortress of Concarneau, you can stroll through its charming cobbled streets, visit the Château de Concarneau, which houses the Fishing Museum, and discover local craft shops. Seafood lovers will be delighted to sample local specialties in the town’s many restaurants, while maritime history buffs can explore the Fishing Museum to learn more about the lives of Breton fishermen. For those looking to relax, the fine sandy beaches of Concarneau, such as Plage des Sables Blancs, offer an ideal setting for lounging in the sun or swimming in the crystal clear waters. Finally, the natural beauty of the bay of Concarneau invites you to take beautiful walks along the coastal path, offering breathtaking panoramas. Concarneau is an essential stopover when you want to visit southern Brittany during a well-deserved vacation.

Lorient – Morbihan

Lorient, located in the Morbihan department, is a dynamic city not to be missed when you come to visit southern Brittany. One of the city’s highlights is the Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly, an iconic venue dedicated to sailing and the sea. Sailing enthusiasts can explore interactive exhibits and board iconic boats. Not far away is the Keroman Submarine Base, a former World War II site that now houses a museum tracing its and submarine history. Art lovers can visit the East India Company Museum, which exhibits objects brought back from 18th-century maritime expeditions. The beaches of Lorient, such as Port-Louis beach or Kerroc’h beach, also offer an ideal setting for relaxing and enjoying the sun. In summer, the city comes alive with the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, a major cultural event celebrating Celtic traditions. As you explore the streets of Lorient, you will also discover charming half-timbered houses, boutiques and lively cafes.

Carnac – Morbihan

Carnac, located in Morbihan, is world-famous for its impressive megalithic alignments, which constitute one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in the region and must be seen when you come to visit southern Brittany. The alignments of Carnac are made up of thousands of menhirs which extend over several kilometers, offering a breathtaking spectacle and a dive into the prehistoric past. Visitors can stroll along the marked trails and admire these mysterious stones, some of which are more than 5,000 years old. Nearby, the Carnac Prehistory Museum offers exhibitions that reveal the secrets of this ancient civilization. The beaches of Carnac, with their fine sand and crystal clear waters, also attract sun and relaxation lovers. At each beach, water activities like sailing, surfing and windsurfing are very popular in the area. For those looking for a cultural experience, the city offers summer festivals, concerts and events highlighting Breton culture. As you explore the streets of Carnac, you will also discover local craft shops, restaurants serving seafood specialties and a warm and friendly atmosphere.


For a vacation day full of discoveries, the ideal is to come and visit southern Brittany. In this pretty region of western France, you will discover departments and towns with impressive historical and cultural heritage. Get ready for a real road trip in Brittany – Saint-Malo, Rennes, Brest, Lorient, Carnac or even Concarneau. Also enjoy each island in the Gulf of Morbihan and the city of Vannes during your visit to this little corner of paradise. And for a comfortable stay, count on the Jardins du Morbihan, campsite near Vannes!

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