The Morbihan department is one of the most beautiful regions of Brittany and stands out for its great natural diversity (beach, forest, meadows, etc.) and remarkable heritage wealth. This offers you multiple hiking trails in Morbihan that will allow you to discover the beauty of this region. Each hike is unique – starting point of the path, end point of the hike, duration of the circuit and natural elevation. The Jardins du Morbihan reveal to you the most beautiful hikes to do in this pretty corner of paradise.

Easy hikes for a pleasant stroll on a trail with many landscapes:

If “vacation” rhymes with “relaxation”, “vacation” also rhymes with “hiking”. After all, what could be better than a hiking trail to take your time with family, friends or as a couple? Are you coming to visit Brittany and its wonders? Count on the Jardins du Morbihan to be your tourism advisor in Brittany! We reveal to you the most beautiful hikes in Morbihan to do if you are not a walking pro but you are interested in hiking trails!

Découvrez une randonnée facile dans le Morbihan, avec un sentier pour randonnée pédestre accessible à tous, en famille avec des enfants

The Bono hike via the Becquerel chapel

For a rural hike with family or friends, the Bono hike via the Becquerel chapel is one of the hikes in Morbihan that you absolutely must do! With Bono as your starting point, you will have the privilege of going along a path taking you along the pretty Bono river. This hike, a distance of 6.3 kilometers and lasting 1 hour 50 minutes, will take you back to your starting point.

Tour of the island of Arz in the Gulf of Morbihan

Enjoy a picturesque stroll in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan with this easy circuit. This hike will take you on trails full of wonders: tide mill, sumptuous beaches and views of the Gulf. Allow 2h50 for this type of hike in Morbihan for a distance of just under 10 kilometers and a difference in altitude of 20 meters. Meet at the Vannes ferry terminal to start your journey to the island of Arz!

Hike Arzon – Port Navalo

Another easy circuit among the hikes in Morbihan: the Arzon – Port Navalo hike. This trail makes a loop that goes around the tip of Arzon. During this loop – a distance of 16 kilometers for 4 hours 50 minutes of walking – you will discover the port of Crouesty and the tip of Port Navalo. Your hike offers you a reasonable elevation gain – between 23 and 33 meters only. Take advantage of this moment with family, friends or as a couple to have a picnic admiring the most beautiful views of the region.

Hiking Morbihan: the loop in Île-aux-Moines

Discover the largest island in the Gulf of Morbihan thanks to this hiking tour which offers you varied landscapes: beach, vegetation and archaeological monuments. This loop represents 11 kilometers for an estimated time of 3h30 with a difference in altitude of 40 meters. Take advantage of this trail, one of the most beautiful hikes in Morbihan, to recharge your batteries as close as possible to nature.

The tour of Larmor-Baden and Berder Island

Among all the splendid circuits to discover in Brittany, the tour of Larmor-Baden and Berder Island is a must. This hike is accessible to beginners and lasts 2 hours 10 minutes to explore a 7.14 kilometer path. It’s a great adventure on a trail that begins in Larmor-Baden and invites you to the oyster farming world of the region. At low tide, you will have the opportunity to go to Berder Island or to discover the Cairn de Gavrinis and the ornithological reserve located at the Marais de Pen en Toul.

A hiking trail for experienced walkers

Do you dream of discovering Brittany by challenging yourself? It’s possible thanks to hiking in Morbihan! The Jardins du Morbihan let you choose the difficult circuit you want to complete, depending on its duration, distance, elevation and landscapes. Ready to get your legs done?

randonnée pédestre dans le Morbihan en Bretagne pour les marcheurs aguerris

The tip of the Quiberon peninsula

Very pretty walk in a natural setting, the Pointe de la peninsula de Quiberon hike offers you a circuit lasting 4 hours 45 minutes for a distance of 16 kilometers and a difference in altitude of 19 meters. This trail, popular among hikes in Morbihan, offers you a privileged view of both sides of the Quiberon coast – the wild coast to the west and the coast with bay to the east. This circuit will also take you through a large beach then through the Pointe du Conguel. If the sky is clear, you can admire the island of Houat or the Hoëdic island on the horizon.

Hiking: Pointe du Bil – Port Anna

This hike lasting 3 hours 40 minutes for a distance of 13 kilometers allows you to discover the entrance to the Vannes river. All along the trail, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Séné marshes. A real break in harmony with nature in this privileged environment located in Brittany.

Circuit of the Roche-Bernard bridges

The Roche-Bernard bridges circuit lasts one hour and fifty minutes for a distance of 5 kilometers. Why you ask us? Because the circuit contains difficult passages at water level then requiring climbing ridges (difference of 134 meters) and bridges. Beyond these bridges, you will discover a stretch of river. To finish this hike, you will return to your starting point: the Garennes car park.

Kerzerho’s lineups

If you are sightseeing in Brittany and want to go hiking, the Kerzerho alignments are one of the Morbihan hikes to do and will appeal to the most sporty. With an average duration of 4 hours 50 minutes to cover a distance of 17 kilometers, the trail has its starting point in Erdeven. History buffs will be particularly delighted to observe historical remains dating back to the Neolithic era.

The Carnac alignments

Last place of unmissable tourism among the hikes in Morbihan: the alignments of Carnac. Departing from Erdeven, this hike will take you through a thousand and one wonders, including: the alignments of Ménec and Kermario and the Tumulus Saint-Michel with a sumptuous chapel at its summit. Your circuit will alternate historical monuments, woods and meadows for a duration of 3 hours 10 minutes and a distance of 10 kilometers.

If you come for a trip to Brittany, discover hiking trails to do and leave an ephemeral trace in these green trails – the Bono hike via the Becquerel chapel, the loop in Île-aux-Moines, the tip of the Quiberon peninsula or the Roche-Bernard bridges circuit, there is something for all tastes and levels. Discover other possible hikes in Morbihan: the two rivers of Auray and Sal, Pointe du Bil in Port Anna or the chapel of Sainte-Avoye in Saint-Goustan. And to do all these circuits, remember to book at the Jardins du Morbihan campsite in Vannes, a 4-star campsite open between April and the end of October.

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