From buckwheat pancakes to iodized oysters, discover the specialties of Brittany

Want to take a relaxing break and try new culinary specialties? Brittany is an exceptional territory for enjoying a gentle atmosphere between land and sea. Breton gastronomy is among the points that arouse the interest of visitors. To have a pleasant stay in the region and enjoy its cuisine, do not hesitate to book at the Jardins du Morbihan campsite. Our campsite reveals the riches of the Breton region and the specialties of Breton gastronomy to try urgently!

Breton local products: a compendium of authentic flavors and tastes

Breton gastronomy owes its reputation to the authentic and traditional products it abounds in from its region. Indeed, this region presents a wide variety of sweet dishes (crepes, kouign-amann) or savory dishes (galettes, andouille sausages, oysters) and flavors. In Brittany, there is everything you need to create delicious dishes and original recipes.

Freshly caught quality seafood

Due to its different ports, Brittany is a fishing location par excellence, and it is known for the quality of its fish. Moreover, each port presents a particular specialty. If you are looking for large fish such as monkfish, cod or sea bass, you must go to the port of Brest, Audierne or Concarneau. If you need scallops, you should go to the ports of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc.

Breeding and agriculture essential to Brittany

Alongside the treasures of the deep blue, Brittany is also known for livestock farming and agriculture. A third of chickens in France are raised in this territory. Furthermore, this region contributes 58% to pig farming. It is also popular for market gardening. It offers vegetables of impeccable quality such as shallots, broccoli, artichokes, cauliflowers…

Breton recipes: an unparalleled culinary heritage

With such a rich and varied terroir, Breton gastronomy is undoubtedly unique. The region’s specialties will delight your taste buds! From essential Breton crepes or pancakes to Guémené andouille or oysters, the Jardins du Morbihan reveal the most delicious recipes to taste.

A must-have in Breton cuisine: salted butter caramel crepes

crêpes bretonnes avec du caramel au beurre salé pour un goûter gourmand en Bretagne, pour les grands et les enfants

An emblematic dish of Brittany, crepes no longer have anything to prove. Simple recipe, undeniable flavor and nostalgia for the taste buds, the crepe never ceases to satisfy gourmets. Take advantage of your visit to the region to taste the crepes from the market or in a creperie with the emblematic salted butter caramel, a delicate blend of the sweetness of the caramel and the salt which enhances the whole. Young and old alike will enjoy this snack break!

A dessert rich in butter for a successful Breton snack: kouign-amann

kouign-amann, spécialité de Bretagne, dont la recette simple se compose de beurre, d'œufs et de farine. Spécialité bretonne délicieuse.

Another specialty that we no longer present but which you should still take the time to taste if you tour Breton gastronomy: kouign-amann. Butter and sugar mix to offer a moment of intense pleasure. It is also from this rich recipe that kouign-amann takes its name, translating as “butter cake”.

Gourmet recipes for Breton desserts: Breton cake and Far Breton

Another unmissable Breton treat from Lorient, the Breton cake is a salted butter shortbread made from butter, sugar, flour and eggs, strangely resembling Breton palets. Its crisscross crust enhances everything and its texture is reminiscent of the famous Breton palets. You can even find a Breton cake filled with salted butter caramel. A great classic of Breton gastronomy, Far Breton is also very simple to make. It actually requires flour, eggs, milk and sugar. This gourmet recipe is enhanced by fruits, particularly prunes. To perfect the recipe, you can also add a touch of rum!

A gourmet Breton specialty: the buckwheat pancake

galette au blé noir, délicieux plat typique de Bretagne, se mange avec une saucisse ou du jambon

Star of Breton gastronomy, the buckwheat pancake, also called “buckwheat pancake”, can serve as a basis for many other recipes such as buckwheat langoustines or cumin pancake chips. It can also be made with sausage or ham. Buckwheat adds a unique taste to all recipes.

Quality local products: iodized and fresh oysters

If Brittany is known for its sweet recipes (crepes or Breton cake), these savory recipes do not stop at pancakes. Breton gastronomy reveals many savory dishes based on fresh seafood, including oysters. These oysters are recognized for their quality and their subtly iodized taste.

An elaborate charcuterie product: Guémené andouille

Coming from the town of Guémené-sur-Scorff, Guémené andouille is a specialty of Breton gastronomy. This charcuterie is made from pork loins and is known for its rounds of intestines threaded together, giving it this two-tone appearance when cut.

Accompany your Breton recipes with a typical drink: Breton cider

Breton gastronomy is of course a set of dishes but also drinks. To accompany your delicacies, we offer you Breton cider! This drink, created from pressed apples then left to ferment, offers a delicious tangy and fruity taste. Cider is also rich in good nutrients (vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements).

In Brittany, there is no shortage of good food. Exploiting local products from the sea and the land, the Bretons have been able to concoct delicious recipes that have made the region famous. Do not deprive yourself of these killings, once you arrive in this territory. And also enjoy a comfortable base at Jardins du Morbihan, a 4-star campsite which offers you these different accommodations: mobile home, lodge tent or even pitches.

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