Recreational fishing on foot is an ancestral activity which has a strong cultural power in the territory of the Gulf of Morbihan and which is very popular in the summer season. During your stay at Les Jardins du Morbihan campsite in Vannes, just 15 km from the gulf, fishing on foot will be an opportunity for you to spend a pleasant day with your family.

Where, how and what to fish on foot in Morbihan?

To tackle sandbanks and rocks, equip yourself with a good windbreaker, a pair of boots and a rake or other depending on the species you are looking for. A bucket to put everything you collect in and a ruler to make sure the size of your harvest is correct. Indeed, it is not a question of fishing everything and anything, you have to pay attention to the size of the catches.

Many species hide on the Morbihan foreshore. Cockles, clams, wild oysters, mussels, periwinkles and more. It is a diverse ecosystem that spreads out before your eyes and which can be very generous if you adopt the right actions and learn to spot the signs of life. To do this, do not hesitate to ask advice from professional fishermen or people in the region.

The main areas for amateur and experienced fishermen are Men Du and Penthièvre beach. These two beaches have the enormous advantage of having a very gentle slope. The sea then recedes very far during high tides. You can also head towards Pointe du Conguel or Penvins in Sarzeau, or Trehervé in Ambon. These are all exceptional spots for recreational fishing on foot in Morbihan.

Regulations for fishing on foot in Morbihan

At low tide, with your feet still touching the ground, you can capture different shells by hand. This is a free activity but requires compliance with certain rules. Indeed, fishing on foot is very regulated in Morbihan, fishing time is limited and the quantity must not exceed personal consumption. Also, and as you already know, the size of the catches is strictly defined in order to preserve the species. You can even taste on site, as long as you are on a healthy beach and only collect closed shellfish.

Nature is lenient on the coasts of Morbihan. With a little equipment and determination, you can treat yourself to your own seafood platter. But while many are just looking to breathe the fresh air and have a good meal, others are more interested in quantity. On the Normandy coast, for example, there are mussel beds. There, it is forbidden to collect mussels from the breeding ponds, as well as all around. You will have to stay three meters from the mussel beds because they are private property.

Observation and perseverance, a good shore fisherman must also be lucky! You now know how to practice fishing on foot, all you have to do is prepare your equipment and enjoy the experience.

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