“A one-week stay for 5 people at Camping Les Jardins du Morbihan”


The company NATURE ET RESIDENCE LOISIRS, with capital of €10,000, registered with the R.C.S Bayonne under number 889 627 972, whose head office is located at 34b route de Pitoys 64600 ANGLET, France (hereinafter “Organizing Company”) is organizing a game free with no obligation to purchase (hereinafter, the “Game”). The Game will be held from Friday November 17, 2023 at 11 a.m. to Sunday December 10, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. The purpose of these regulations is to define the rights and obligations of the Organizer and the participant in the Game.


Participation in the Game is open to everyone regardless of their place of residence. The purpose of the Game is to designate a winner under the conditions described below.


Participation in the Game implies the participant’s acceptance, without any reservation, of these rules and the principles of the Game. Any contravener of one or more of the articles of these rules will be deprived of the possibility of participating in the chosen Game, but also of the prize he could possibly have won. The prize will not be awarded to him. The winner must accept that his or her identity is published, without being able to demand any compensation or oppose it. These regulations are available on the Instagram account announcing the Game from the link:


Participation in the Game is open to any natural person, of legal age, with full legal capacity. Members of the company’s staff who have collaborated in its organization, its promotion and/or its completion as well as members of their family (spouse, ascendants, descendants, brothers and sisters) cannot participate in this operation.


ARTICLE 5.1: Principles

During the duration of the Game, participation is made on the following Instagram accounts “@nature_et_residence_loisirs” and “@les_jardins_du_morbihan”. As such, any registration by telephone, post or email cannot be taken into account. Participation in the Game naturally implies a responsible and dignified attitude signifying absolute respect for other players and the rules. The Participant undertakes to ensure that the title of his pseudonym or of the proposal submitted does not in any way violate the rights of third parties, is illicit, neither racist, nor anti-Semitic, nor xenophobic, nor defamatory, nor offensive to good morals. , and does not constitute threats to third parties.

ARTICLE 5.2: Modality of the Game

The Game is built in two stages.

Step 1: to participate in the draw, the Participant must follow the Instagram accounts of “@nature_et_residence_loisirs” and “@les_jardins_du_morbihan”.

Step2: The Participant must cumulatively like and comment on the post published on the account by “tagging” the person(s) with whom they wish to travel.

The Participant will be included on the draw list.

The Participant can increase his chances of winning by commenting on the post several times, starting from his initial registration, provided that he comments on the post again and identifies a different person per comment: an additional comment with a different tag will be considered as a new participation. Each Participant can participate without participation limit provided that the Participant respects the conditions of the Competition. There will be a winner from the draw. By participating in the Game, the Participant accepts the rules of the Game.

Registrations will close on Sunday December 10, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Only the time of the IT system of the Organizing Company is authentic.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to verify the winner’s contact details and authenticity. Any falsification results in the elimination of the Participant and/or winner.

The draw is organized using a random selection computer application and will take place on Monday, December 11 at 11 a.m. The winner must have fulfilled all the conditions of the game to be the winner. If this is not the case during the first draw then the Organizing Company gives itself the right to restart the draw until the Participant meets all the criteria. The result will be published the same day on the Instagram accounts of “@nature_et_residence_loisirs” and “@les_jardins_du_morbihan” mentioning the winning account.

The winner will be contacted by private Instagram message by the Organizing Company and will be asked to communicate their name, first name, date of birth, email address and postal address within 7 days following the date of designation of the winner, the latter will be considered to have forfeited their prize and there will be no new winner designated for this prize.

In the event that the winner refuses to take possession of their prize, they must notify the Organizing Company by e-mail. No complaints will be accepted and under no circumstances will the equivalent value of the cash gift be demanded.


The Organizing Company plans to award the winner:

a one-week stay for 5 people in a lodge tent or mobile home at Camping Les Jardins du Morbihan (5 rue Kersimon – 56250 Monterblanc) in Brittany, valid from 04/01/2024 until 31 /10/2024, subject to availability and excluding July and August.

The prize at stake only concerns accommodation. Costs relating to travel costs to the destination, catering costs, transfer costs, etc. are the responsibility of the winner.

To reserve their stay, the winner must contact the company by email or by telephone at 02 97 44 66 06.

Each prize is nominative, non-marketable and cannot be allocated or transferred to one or more third parties. They cannot give rise to any dispute, nor to the return of its equivalent value in cash, nor exchange or replacement.

The winner authorizes the Organizing Company to use his or her first and last name in any advertising and promotional event, without this use giving rise to any rights or remuneration other than the prize won. If the winner’s contact details are unusable, in particular illegible, incomplete, incorrect, falsified or do not comply with the conditions of participation in these regulations, the latter will lose the benefit of their prize. The Organizing Company expressly declines all liability for any incidents or damages of any nature which may arise due to the enjoyment of the prize awarded and/or its use, which the winner expressly acknowledges.


No financial compensation, nor expense in any form whatsoever, will be claimed from participants as a result of their participation.


In accordance with the “Informatique et Libertés” law, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete your personal data. You can exercise this right by sending a letter to: Nature et Résidence Loisirs, 34b route de Pitoys, 64600 Anglet.


The Organizing Company cannot incur any liability if, in the event of force majeure, it were required to cancel this game, shorten it, extend it, postpone it or modify the conditions, its liability cannot be incurred for this. do. In all cases, it reserves the right to extend the participation period.

These changes will, however, be subject to prior information by all appropriate means. In particular, the Organizing Company declines all responsibility in the event of unavailability of the Instagram Site during the duration of the Game or in the event of destruction of information provided by Participants, based on external causes.


It is expressly agreed that the data contained in the Organizer’s information systems have probative force, barring manifest error, as to the connection elements and the information resulting from the draw relating to the Game.


These regulations are subject to French law.

Any dispute relating to the Game must be made upon written request to the following address: Nature et Résidence Loisirs – 34b route de Pitoys, 64600 Anglet – no later than ten days after the deadline for participation in the Game. In the event of persistent disagreement on application of these regulations, the dispute will be subject to the sovereign assessment of the Paris High Court.