Une jolie plage dans le Morbihan pour un après-midi en famille agréable avec vos enfants en Bretagne.

The Morbihan coast is one of the most beautiful in France with an inland sea and unique seaside resorts. Just 34 minutes from the Jardins du Morbihan campsite, discover a coastline worthy of the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts. Brittany offers you its sumptuous beaches where you can enjoy swimming with your family, your children or with friends. The Jardins du Morbihan reveal the 10 most beautiful beaches in Morbihan, from the island of Groix to the Quiberon peninsula.

Tahiti Beach (Island of Groix)

Off the coast of Lorient, discover the most beautiful coasts of Brittany on the beaches in Morbihan. Poulziorec beach, nicknamed Tahiti Beach, offers you its fine sand and turquoise water. This little corner of paradise is hidden just a few minutes from Port-Lay and the beach welcomes you with translucent water that invites you to swim. Be careful, if the tide is too high, however, it is not possible to access the beach.

Men Er Beleg Beach (Saint Philibert)

Located in Anse de Tréhennarvour in Saint Philibert, Men Er Beleg beach offers you a blue and green landscape surrounded by a pine forest. Discover 400 meters of relaxing seaside landscape and absolute calm, all bordered by residences. This beach in the west of France lets you enjoy a pleasant break in a soothing setting for a relaxing afternoon. You will also be surrounded by numerous boaters who have come to enjoy the exceptional charm of the beaches of Morbihan and their surroundings.

The large beach of Quiberon (Quiberon peninsula)

Renowned for having sumptuous, long beaches in Morbihan, the Quiberon peninsula offers you a pleasant setting at the water’s edge. Among these beaches ideal for swimming, the large beach of Quiberon is located near the city center next to Port-Maria. Its large expanse of sand welcomes you to enjoy the landscape: translucent water, impressive coastlines and boats sailing on the waves. For the happiness of adults… and children!

Goret Beach (Île-aux-Moines)

Goret beach, located in the south of Île-aux-Moines in the Gulf of Morbihan, opens you onto a setting different from the other beaches of Morbihan: rocky barriers as far as the eye can see, bordered by crystal clear water and dikes. The sandy cove is protected by two dikes and the water on the island is known to be the warmest in the Gulf. Fishermen also benefit from it during low tide.

Kerbihan beach (la Trinité-sur-Mer)

Kerbihan beach is located opposite Saint-Philibert, in Trinité-sur-Mer. If you’re looking for beaches in Morbihan that are calm enough for a lazy afternoon, this beach is ideal for enjoying a one-on-one swim with the translucent water. The accessibility of this beach is not the best for people who do not live in this department of western France but the effort is worth it!

Conleau Beach (Vannes)

A unique beach in Brittany, Conleau beach is one of the busiest beaches in Morbihan. Located on the Conleau peninsula in the Gulf of Morbihan, it is the only beach in Vannes. After a pleasant swim in shallow water with a constantly perfect temperature, you can enjoy the many bars and restaurants that surround it. It is also close to the city center, its rich activities and the Port of Conleau.

Herlin Beach (Belle-Île-en-Mer)

In Belle-Île-en-Mer, an impressive landscape awaits you for your tourism in Brittany. This Morbihan beach offers its high cliffs, which are difficult to access and rarely visited. It is an ideal place to do all types of beach sports, however the water and its swirls can be dangerous. It is therefore essential to supervise your children carefully if you choose this place among all the beaches in Morbihan.

Grands Sables Beach (Groix Island)

Known for being arched, Grands Sables beach is located on the island of Groix. Another specificity which differentiates it from all the other beaches in Morbihan: it moves around 50 meters per year. A transformative beach but which will always remain as welcoming with its fine sand and turquoise water.

The large beach of Carnac (Carnac)

Discover Carnac as it should be by enjoying a swim on the large Carnac beach. Accessible to people with reduced mobility, it offers all holidaymakers the opportunity to enjoy a successful stay in Brittany. It is the largest beach in the city, with 2 kilometers of fine sand for you to relax as a couple or with your children!

Fort Bloqué Beach (Ploemeur)

Are you coming to go sightseeing in Brittany with your children? Discover among the beaches of Morbihan the ideal place for an afternoon with the family. An urban beach located in Ploemeur, Fort-Bloqué beach opens onto sand mixed with pebbles. A true ode to tranquility, this beach offers complete equipment – toilets, showers and drinking water point.

Are you coming to discover Brittany, its islands and its beaches? The Morbihan Gardens reveal the favorite places for swimming in turquoise water and also offer you a base. Discover all the rentals available in our 4-star campsite: mobile homes, lodge tents and pitches!

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