Are you coming to spend a stay in Brittany with family or friends? To properly discover this beautiful region of western France, it is necessary to discover its historical and cultural heritage but also the most beautiful beaches it has to offer. Les Jardins du Morbihan, a campsite near Vannes, reveals each beach in southern Brittany not to be missed during your vacation in this little corner of paradise! From the translucent water of Saint-Nicolas beach to the white sand of Grands Sables beach on the island of Groix, you will be amazed by these unmissable destinations!

Kerhillio beach – Morbihan

For a family stay in Brittany, Kerhillio beach is the ideal beach, located near the Ria d’Etel, a coastal river in Morbihan. A unique beach in southern Brittany, it offers you a sumptuous landscape, punctuated by numerous dunes. To relax or enjoy an afternoon of swimming, you will love this beach with its translucent water.

We love it: if you open your eyes closely, you will be able to observe the different seabirds on this beach. And if you are a water sports lover, take advantage of the waves to surf in the rollers!

Herlin Beach – Belle-Île-en-Mer – Morbihan

Pretty beach located in Belle-Île-en-Mer, it is one of the prettiest beaches in the area with that of Port-Donnant. For a date with your significant other or for an afternoon with the children, this beach offers you a sumptuous landscape – golden sand, translucent water and breathtaking views of the Grand Village and Saint-Marc. Be careful, however, to monitor the tide in order to be able to access it!

We love it: in addition to a heavenly beach, this little sunny corner benefits from supervised swimming in summer. Ideal for a quick dip in complete safety!

Les Grands Sables – Groix Islands – Morbihan

Located on the island of Groix, an island in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, the Grands Sables beach is revealed. This beach is unique for geography and history enthusiasts: it is convex and moves a little each year!

We love it: a subtle blend of greenery and a maritime landscape, Grands Sables beach offers photos worthy of the most beautiful postcards! Its length also ensures you find THE ideal spot in the sun and accommodate the whole family!

La Fogeo – Morbihan

Morbihan tourist beach, Fogeo reveals its majestic dunes and its breathtaking view of the Quiberon peninsula. Your children will be able to enjoy a supervised swim while you relax on the warm sand. Ideal !

We love it: not far from Fogeo beach, you can enjoy the Arzon Thalassotherapy center.

Rospico Beach – Finistère

Do you love natural landscapes, in the heart of impressive cliffs? You will love Rospico beach, well known to the locals! Located south of Pont-Aven in Finistère, this beach reveals a privileged setting, worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales.

We love it: the beach offers young children the opportunity to swim peacefully, in a reasonable depth at the water’s edge. The translucent water will allow them to enjoy the small fish sailing in the waves.

Saint-Nicolas des Glénans Beach – Finistère

Another heavenly beach in southern Brittany: Saint-Nicolas beach, located on the Glénans archipelago. White sand that would make the clouds green with envy and translucent waters revealing the wonders of nature, this beach reveals all its secrets to you.

We love it: during the ebb tide, you can reach the island of Bananec and its beaches from Saint-Nicolas beach.

The Bay of Trépassés – Finistère

An original name for a beach located in Finistère, Baie des Trépassés is a must-see beach in southern Brittany! Its blond sand warmly welcomes you for an afternoon of tanning or supervised swimming in Finistère.

We love it: its impressive waves will delight surfing enthusiasts who will enjoy the rollers with the sunset in the background.

The Gold Mine – Finistère

A poetic name for a magical place. The Mine d’Or beach invites you into a story by revealing its ocher-colored cliffs sublimating the coast. Fantastic for relaxing in the sun and enjoying a magical afternoon with your children. It is one of the supervised beaches.

We love: go at sunset to admire the last reflections of the day reflected on the golden cliffs of the beach.

La Letty – Finistère

Meet in the heart of the dunes on La Letty beach in Finistère, next to the Bénodet resort. A natural lagoon awaits you and reveals a privileged view of the “White Sea”. Depending on the tide of the day, you can walk or cycle there.

We love it: this beach is also ideal for a romantic romantic horse ride!

Morgat Beach – Crozon Island

One of the most beautiful beaches in southern Brittany, Morgat beach is located in the heart of the island of Crozon. If swimming is not supervised, the calm water offers the opportunity to swim in complete relaxation.

We love it: it is ideally located near the port and the tip of Rulianec. It is also very lively in summer!


During your stay in the west of France, take advantage of each beach in southern Brittany. Wild beach or supervised swimming, discover the many landscapes of the region – port, translucent water, coastline, coves, rocks… From Finistère to the island of Crozon, you will find the ideal beach for sunbathing or swimming!

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